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10 ways to make your property more appealing and increase value at the same time

Limestone Sales & Lettings Office Manager Paul Neale shares his top tips for selling your property.

1. Boost kerb appeal

My granny always said, “you can tell a lot about a woman’s housekeeping skills by her doorstep”. First impressions really do count, so give your front door a spruce up and clear away any garden items which draw the eye away from the home’s central features. Also, dispose any litter and rubbish in front of your house. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t put it there, if It’s in front of your home it’s making it look dirty – so get rid of it quickly!

2. Spice up the kitchen

A new kitchen can cost thousands of pounds but replacing worktops and taps may be worthwhile. The kitchen is a home’s focal point and is often a deal-breaker. Replacing even small items can turn an old kitchen into a contemporary space. Keep it clean too, limescale and grease are always off putting.

3. Period features

If you live in a Victorian home, for example, try to make sure that skirting boards, architraves and doors fit in with the era. If you have a little cash to spend, consider restoring or installing coving, picture rails or period fireplaces. It won’t cost the earth and buyers will often pay more for a home with period features, so if you have them and you like them DO NOT rip them out!

4. Get gardening

Yank out those weeds, hack back your hedges and get the lawn cut. Sorting out outdoors is a vital part of giving your house overall appeal. Little pots of evergreen heather, under a fiver, placed by the front door look welcoming. Caring for your garden shows that you care about the home and have maintained it well.

5. A fresh lick of paint

Transforming a home from drab to fab needn’t cost too much time or money, just the price of sandpaper, paint, brushes and rollers. Redecorating can make a property look brand new and present more of a blank canvas to buyers. But do keep an eye on the quality of finish. A dodgy paint job can be almost as off-putting as scuffed, discoloured walls. Also think carefully about colour schemes and remember that a neutral palette is often the safest option.

6. Keep it clean

Dust, cobwebs and grime all suggest a home isn’t cared for – so make sure the place is spotless. After all, what’s the point in having new paint­work, flooring and carefully placed furniture if it all looks a bit grubby? Remember to clean windows and sills too.

7. Sort out that bathroom

Nobody was ever won over by a mouldy bathroom and in our experience, we have found that a dirty bathroom is one of the biggest turn offs for buyers. So get your rubber gloves on, grab some thick bleach and start scrubbing those tiles, grouting and silicon. Also consider replacing out of date items like the soap dish, toothbrush holder and taps.

8. Declutter

Trash those chintzy trinkets and think minimal. Getting rid of excess clutter adds to the sense of space and never detracts from the look of a home. It also lets a potential buyer imagine their own belongings in place. Get some bin bags and start clearing out. Focus on the hall first because it’s the first thing potential buyers will see. Stinky trainers and muddy boots are a no go!

9. Dress to impress

Remind buyers they are in a home and not a showroom by keeping a few objects, pictures and neutral ornaments (vase, fruit bowl or a couple of cushions) visible.  New towels in the bathroom and a few candles will also help. Key pieces of furniture give pointers to what a room can be and help define the space. Dress the place sparingly but cleverly and this might just make the difference between getting the asking price or a much reduced offer.

10. Flooring

Mouldy carpets and badly fitted laminate are eyesores which can knock hundreds or thousands of pounds off an offer. If you keep an awful floor the buyer will tot up how much money it will cost to replace it, so do it yourself at a fraction of the price. A deep-clean may be all it needs – or if your floorboards are in a decent state strip them back and varnish them.

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