5 money efficient ways to deck the halls this Christmas

 Limestone Sales & Lettings Office Manager Paul Neale gives his advice for budgeting Christmas decorations.

Christmas is filled with lots of food, spending time with loved ones and decorating your home for the festive seasons but for many first-time buyers moving in just before Christmas, it can be hard to make your brand-new home feel festive. Having décor around your house can make it feel more welcoming and friendly for your guests, however, if you have a tight budget or limited resources, how can you decorate your home economically? We share our top 5 ways to decorate homes that are friendly on the purse strings.

Light up the room with… food tins?

Image credit: Polly Eltes

Candles are a comfort during winter, but they can also be pricey. To dodge spending a lot without losing out on the quality of the candles, you can make your own with old food tins. Simply take off their wrappers, give them a clean and with a pair of scissors or another household tool you can pierce the tin and create your own patterns, such as a star or a snowflake. Drop in a tea light and add a handle using aluminum wire and you have your very own Christmas candle.

2 for 1- wreath and card holder

Gluing pegs or clips to a wreath wireframe means you can display cards into a thoughtful decoration. As seen in the image, it works as a great decoration and also allows you to easily display the cards you receive.

Make it fruity… with dried fruit décor

Warm and crisp scents remind everyone of Christmas. Adding dried fruit can add a subtle festive aroma to the home. To work as tree decoration, you could tie string on dried oranges and hang them from the tree or you could place a variety of dried fruit in a bowl on a coffee table for a chic effect.

Festive cushions made easy

Christmas duvets, cushions and blankets can help add a cosy ambience to any home. If you don’t have the budget to splash out, you can customise plain cushions or blankets by sewing felt stencils of snowflakes or festive shapes. This helps to then make your festive decorations unique to you, instead of having something from a store that anyone else has bought too. If you are settling into a new home, having things that are personal to you help to make your home reflect you.

Cards carved by you

Christmas cards can be pricey, particularly if you have a lot of people to shop for. With a variety of materials such as glitter, stencils, pompoms and much more will allow you to create your very own cards. A benefit of this also, is that as fun as they are to make, they are just as enjoyable to receive. Having something made by you and gifted to someone who would appreciate it makes it worthier than a bulk buy of cards at your local supermarket.